Forms in the group Xeerox, initial line up: Krishna Goineau, Magda Redondo, Mario Almonacid and Javier Hernando. Maintened contact which eventually came to nothing with german label Ata Tak for compilation Fix Planet. Krishna Goineau leaves to join Liaisons Dangereuses.

Begins broadcasting on Radio PICA programme called Los Silencios de la Radio (The Radio Silents).
Sessions of auto-training with audio-signals feeedback on bio-information machines at the Instituto de Cibernética de Barcelona.
First recordings of the solo project Melodinámika Sensor.
Temporary stay in London, contact with members of the city´s electronic-experimental scene, collaboring on spanish TV programme La Edad de Oro dedicated to SPK.
Founds along Maria Dolores García and Angel Lalinde cassette label Ortega y Cassette with three first references of Melodinamika Sensor, Camino al Desván and 32 Guajar´s Faragüit and the reissue of the first cassette of Esplendor Geométrico and La Otra Cara de un Jardín.
Inclusion of three tracks by Melodinamika Sensor (Villa Urania, Por Tatiana and Axial) on the compilation record of four electronic groups from Barcelona , along 32 Guajar´s Faragüit, Avant Dernières Pensées and Camino al Desván, put out by Discos Esplendor Geométrico.

Cassette “Destellos Mercuriales” put out under their own name by Miguel A. Ruiz´s label Toracic Tapes.
The programme Los Silencios de la Radio begins afresh with Andrés Noarbe copresenting.
Cassette “Kirliania” put out by Toracic Tapes.
Two previously unreleased tracks lent to Escupemetralla which latter reappear on their cassette Totum Revolutum-
Collaborates in the musical backdrop of “Temps de Pas” by Chema Alvargonzalez, at the Galery Carles Taché in Barcelona.
Puts out a cassette “Azul Profundo de la Antropina” under the name of Sinusoidal.
Rehearses and recordings with Rosa Arruti and Manel Pugés.
Writes for the book which accompanies the Alter Musiques Natives exhibition the chapters “Retrospección de Disonancias” and “Nebulosos Mecanismos de Retrotecno”.
Puts out cassette “Bruma Caústica”.
Tracks from the last tape used by Traveler, Newcleus & Da Costa on their soundtracks for the fims Planet of the Vampires by Mario Bava and Sans Soleil by Chris Marker, featured at the Volksbühne and the Bethanien Open Air Cinema in Berlin.
One track (Rastrales) included on the CD compilation AStereophonic Experience Vol 1 put out by the magazine Self.
Puts out CD “Luz Nacarina” on the Geometrik-Microgama label.
Musical backdrop for the presentation of Microgama: Lunette Chromium (Sala Radar, Madrid) and Geometrik Vibrational Pflegekammer (Abaxaidors Deu, Barcelona).
Collaborates on a track on the CD by Nad Spiro “Vs. Enemigos de Helix.

One track (pulsion GF rondo) for the 41º 24´-2º7´compilation from the magazine Hz.
One track (Vaiven Tsu) on the CD compilation “Un Tributo to James T. Russell” that also includes Terre Thaemlitz, Yasunao Tone and Oval/Frank Metzger between others, edited by Alku.
Participates in the festival LEM 2002 with the sound recreation “Scope Lichstpiel”, based in texts of Thomas Pynchon, first of the Audio Animatronics Medium serie..
Puts out the CD “Hydro-Parhelia” edited by Geometrik-Microgama
One track (Geomancia Radionics) in the compilation Cars/Virtual Radio Series seleccioned by Paul Paulun.
Limited edition of CD Xeerox 1979-1981-Recuerdo Espectral de un Viejo Decorado Eléctrico (no label)
One track (Palmolive) with voice of Rosa Arruti/Nad Spiro in the compilation MMMZZZ edited by Oozebap
One track (Promenade) in the CD compilation Frequenzen Volume 1 ha also includes Andrey Kiritchenko, Zavaloka and Scanner between others broadcast from London Resonance FM.
Puts out CD “Quebrantos” on con-v label.

One track (Viejo Decorado Eléctrico 4) in the compilation Tensión Relax edited by Munster Records.
Edition of the Lp of Xeerox, Recuerdo espectral de un viejo decorado eléctrico 1979-1981 edited by Anòmia.
One track of Xeerox (Evasion du future) and other of Melodinámika Sensor (Rngie) on the compilation La Ciudad Secreta edited by Munster Records.
Puts out Penumbra Auricular on Nostalgie De La Boue net-label.
Participate in the conference organized by Anòmia in the CCCB, Als límits de la perifèria, beside Jaime Gonzalo, Daniel Sedcontra and Raül Pratginestós.
Puts out the Cd Límite Radioazulado edited by Geometrik-Urafonia.
Edition of the cd Metalepsis 90/96 on Novak label.
Edition of the cd Javier Hernando/Adrià Bofarull- A maelstrom walk on República Ibérica Ruidista.
One track (Entwerden) in La Edad del Plomo compilation, Novak.
One track (Dua te jen sintetik) for Escupemetralla: Quiero ser guitarra de Esplendor Geométrico, Novak.
One track (Los instantes y los siglos) in Viaje alrededor de mi cuarto compilation, Wet Dreams Records.
One track (Zhongduan) in Confinescapes compilation, República Ibérica Ruidista.
Edition of the cd Jardín Náufrago on La Olla Express label.
Edition of the cd El Archipiélago sideral of the collection Libros de la Micronesia on De La Pulcra Ceniza editions.